Big Macs & Burgundy tasting - 8 Sept

Big Macs & Burgundy tasting - 8 Sept

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Big Macs & Burgundy Tasting

7pm Thursday 8th Spet 2022 at Must & Lees, 239 Liverpool Rd, London, N1 1LX.

Snobs will tell you that fine wine must be paired with fine food. Whilst we'd be the first to enjoy a crisp chablis and some freshly shucked oysters there's no doubting the decadence of gorging on fine wine and junk food.

Madonna agrees, her guilty please being French fries and Krug rosé. 

In the first of our junk food tastings we'll be indulging in the Golden Arches finest. Chicken Nuggets, Big Macs, Fries and Apple Pie are all on the menu, each paired with a different fine wine, including Big Macs and red Burgundy and  champagne and fries (if it's good enough for Madonna...).

We'll taste our way through 5 wines in total, each given an introduction and an explanation why it works so well with each of the pairings.

This tasting is open to all wine lovers and no prior tasting experience is required. 

This tasting takes place in the Must & Lees Tasting Room in the Must & Lees Wine Merchant on Liverpool Rd, Islington. Prices are per person. 

Please email or call 020 3609 1348 with any dietary requirements or special requests. Booking includes all food and drink and is non-refundable.

Numbers are extremely limited. Book early to avoid disappointment.

10% off all purchases on the evening.