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Clubhouse Only

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This one's for the locals. Receive all the benefits of being a club member but with no wine delivery subscription, you can pick those up in-store whenever you like.

So, what are the benefits?

  • Free glass of wine every month (anything under £12)
  • 10% off our wine of the week
  • Access exclusive discounts & members only wines (including mature vintages)
  • Members only events (including Stock Tastings & Bottle Club read more below)
  • First refusal on all events 
  • Space in our EuroCave for your prized wines
  • Use of our wine library
  • No corkage on Tuesdays & Wednesdays
  • Use our Coravin (buy a bottle, drink what you like, save the rest for next time)

All members will receive a welcome letter and a members card making it easy to access all benefits. Cancel anytime, no notice, no fuss.

Simply put, if you plan to visit at least once a month you'll easily recoup the subscription fee and get access to lots of benefits (which we'll keep adding to). 

So, what's the catch? No catch but here's a few details:

Free glass of wine

Choose any 125ml glass at £12 or under or deduct £12 from any glass above that.

Members only events

We'll add to these as we build our community but we'll be starting with:

  • Stock tastings - we're a small shop and we like to keep things fresh, that means regularly tasting potential wines to stock... these events offer the chance to taste and help us select what to stock... all for free
  • Bottle Club - Exclusive to and free for all members we invite you to bring an interesting bottle to share with the group. This isn't a competition of who can bring the most expensive bottle rather an opportunity to share interesting wines with like-minded people. "Interesting" could be an old vintage, a hard-to-find producer or something from an unusual region - of course, we'll be opening something too! 
  • Members Days - a chance to meet other members, taste some interesting wines and generally geek-out with like-minded people